Plastic Pipe Facts™

Santa Rosa County, Florida:

Located east of Milton, the Fairpoint Regional Utility System consists of seven aquifer supply wells and approximately 23 miles of water transmission mains that convey treated, potable water to the various coastal service areas. The transmission system was installed and placed into service in 2004 and has a normal operating pressure of about 100 psi. A key segment of the transmission main is a 2,800 foot crossing under the East Bay. This section of the line was originally installed via horizontal directional drilling (HDD) using DIPS nominal 30-inch, PC 200 psi, DR9, HDPE pipe (24.5-inch ID). In the spring of 2014 the HDPE crossing was determined to be leaking and was taken out of service for inspection. A video of the interior of the pipeline revealed a gradual, spiraling, longitudinal crack 13 feet in length. The cause of the failure is unknown. This is the second reported failure on an HDPE bore crossing in the Fairpoint Regional system.

A point repair was not practical so a complete slipline of the entire 2,800 foot crossing using a new, structurally independent pipe was completed in 2014.1

Figure 1 Photo of longitudinal cracks from interior video inspection tape.



  1. Discussion and action regarding authorization of Fairpoint Regional Utility System (FRUS) to borrow up to $1,000,000.00 from Hancock Bank for repair of the water transmission line, Gulf Breeze City Council Special Meeting, February 5, 2015.